March is CGFM Month

To recognize the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) program and its accomplishments, Association of Government Accountants (AGA) at the national level has declared the month of March of each year as “CGFM Month”.  The local Mid-Ohio Valley AGA chapter is also declaring March 2014 as CGFM Month. 

The city of Parkersburg Mayor’s office has issued MOV AGA a
“CGFM Month Proclamation.”  Representing the MOV AGA to receive
the proclamation from Mayor Newell was Resa Vavra, Michelle Yanok,
Teresa Miller and Alex Evans.  The CGFM certification represents
excellence in the specific skills needed for the broad area of
government financial management and prepares government financial
managers to be accountability professionals.

The Association of Government Accountants is a 15,000-member
professional Association devoted to meeting the continuing
professional education needs of financial managers at all levels of
government, the private sector and academia. Since 1950, the
Association of Government Accountants has been--and remains
today--the educational organization dedicated to the enhancement of
public financial management. AGA serves the professional interests
of financial managers, from local, state, and federal governments, as
well as public accounting firms, responsible for effectively using
billions of dollars and other non-monetary resources every day. For
more than 60 years, AGA has been addressing the issues and
challenges facing government financial managers. West Virginia has
been instrumental in the growth of AGA and its promotion of better
government financial management as well as the development and
promotion of the CGFM.  The three WV Chapters of the Association
represent more than 150 members dedicated to improving financial
management in federal, state, and local government in West Virginia.
The Association of Government Accountants has chapters in
Charleston and Beckley.

AGA is committed to government accountability, and the rigorous
testing and education requirements to earn and maintain the CGFM
designation. The proclamation, which reads in part, that the CGFM
provides a means of demonstrating professionalism and competency
and that chapter members are making significant advances both in
professional ability and in service to the citizens of West Virginia by
mastering increasingly technical and complex requirements.
Government financial professionals achieving AGA's CGFM
certification objectively demonstrate knowledge and competence in
the field of government financial management. CGFMs serve the
public interest with ethical behavior. CGFMs commit to meet AGA’s
Code of Ethics. The CGFM is the only certification broad enough to
measure the wide range of knowledge and skills that a professional
need to meet the unique challenges faced by state, local, and federal
government financial managers.

This initiative has been a great example of AGA’s leadership and
teamwork, and continues to help spread the word about the CGFM
Program.  For more information on the CGFM certification log onto